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Chong Lin Ins 宣传大照.jpg


Yi Cen is a very talented independent doll maker who gained fame amongst the BJD community for her ability to render beautiful BJ Dolls. Her last limited edition doll "Chi Ye" is a very well-known and popular doll that is now completely sold out and is coveted in the second-hand market. Her brand new full body doll "Chong Lin" with incredible stability is coming soon.

Note from the Owner of Moonlight BJD House:

”Y.Cen's “Chi Ye" doll inspired my interest in BJ Dolls and is the reason that Moonlight's BJD House began. As the artist that inspired my foray into the BJD world, I am Yi Cen's devoted fan and cannot wait to share her talented work with all of you!"

“Chong Lin” Coming soon...