Only one body

Head is not included


The body of data

Height: 68cm (including head) 

Neck circumference: 10.5cm/11.5cm

Shoulder Width: 15cm

Waist circumference: 21.5cm

Hip circumference: 28cm

Arm length: 21cm

Leg length: 32cm

Thigh circumference: 16.5cm

Calf circumference: 12cm

Arm circumference: 8.5cm

Forearm circumference: 8.5cm

Foot length: 8cm

Foot width: 3cm


Skin Color:
Volks White, Switch White, Little Monica White, Luts White, Soom White, LoongSoul White, Dollmore White, Dearmore White, Dollzone White

Volks Normal,Switch Normal, Little Monica Normal, Luts Normal, Soom Normal, LoongSoul Normal, Dollmore Normal, Dearmore Normal

Switch Milk Tea, Soom Light Tan(+$50), Doll Family-H Tan (+$80)


Lead Time: 4-8 Months. (due to the pandemic, lead time may add a couple of weeks)


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The balance can be divided into 4-8 Months depending on the finishing time for the item to be made. The total payment must be completed within 3 weeks after the customer receives the payment due notice.

*All remaining balance are calculated with current exchange rates.

*Please notice any failure to pay the remaining balance will result in forfeiture of all monies received. NO REFUNDS. 


International shipping cost are not included. There will be 2 shipping options for our customer to choose from: Standard shipping and Express shipping.

We will contact our customers about shipping options when doll is ready for shipment. 


68 Male Body by Vings