1. Moonlight BJD House is focused on the Canadian and U.S. market. But orders can be shipped worldwide. Any other country won't share the same shipping promotion with Canadian or U.S. customers. For shipping information to your country, please contact us and we will send you the shipping costs and any additional information.

  2. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure the shipping address is correct. Please inform us of any change in your shipping address.

  3. Any products in stock will be shipped within 3-5 business days after the payment has been completed. Due to the changing stock status, items could be sold out when the order is placed. The sold-out items in orders can be changed or refunded. We strongly encourage you to contact us to check stock availability.

  4. All made-to-order Products will be shipped within 100-200 business days depending on different production companies. Please notice Moonlight BJD House not taking any responsibility due to the delay from the production companies, but we will notify our customers of any delay before the due date for the order.

  5. Moonlight BJD House is not providing any shipping insurance, some production companies might give options for shipping insurance for an extra cost and we will inform our customer before the shipment of product.

  6.   Moonlight BJD House will not take any responsibility due to any delay during shipping. The customer is responsible for any charge for any customs tax, re-address or any additional cost from custom or shipping company. (Moonlight BJD House will share half of the cost of customs tax to certain products, please ask us about detail when you place the order.)

  1. 1. There will be no return or refund for all "made to order products" passed the cancellation period. 

  2. 1. No Exchanges or Refunds for any items that were damaged as a result of  

  3. Refund policy is not available for any damages due to personal reasons (drop, water, fire and etc.). Moonlight BJD House can help our customer contact manufacture to order replacement parts due to any personal damage with extra cost. Various might apply according to manufacture and there will be no guarantee to fix it.

  4. 2. Any damage caused by shipping please contact us in 24 hours after you received the item. Moonlight BJD House will not take responsibility after 24 hours of receiving. Please contact us if you can not access the package within this time period.

  5. 3. Any damage or defect of items will be provided after-sale customer service. Please contact us within 48 hours after you received the item, clear photos of the damage or defect parts is required.