Whole set inculdes:

  •  Original head (A) or  SP1 head (B)
  • SP2 head (C)
  •  body
  • Ball jointed hands 

  • 2 genitals parts

  • 2 leg extension parts

  • Certificate
  • Official box

Outfits and wig can not be added.


The body of data

Height: 75cm (including head) 

Head circumference: 23cm

Neck circumference: 13cm

Shoulder Width: 19cm

Waist circumference: 26.4cm

Hip circumference: 32.6cm

Arm length: 22.5cm

Leg length: 38.5cm

Thigh circumference: 19cm

Calf circumference: 14.8cm

Arm circumference: 12.2cm

Forearm circumference: 11.1cm

Foot length: 9.5cm

Foot width: 4cm


Skin Color:
White, normal, tawny, tan, coco, gray


Lead Time: 6-9 Months. (due to the pandemic, lead time may add a couple of weeks)


For any items that are eligible for the payment plan:

The balance can be divided into 8-9 Months depending on the finishing time for the item to be made. The total payment must be completed within 3 weeks after the customer receives the payment due notice.

*All remaining balance are calculated with current exchange rates.

*Please notice any failure to pay the remaining balance will result in forfeiture of all monies received. NO REFUNDS. 


International shipping cost are not included. There will be 2 shipping options for our customer to choose from: Standard shipping and Express shipping.

We will contact our customers about shipping options when Chong Lin is ready for shipment. 





Chong Lin (White/ Normal)