Lady Xiang


*Skin Color*

French white/French yellow/French light rose



Basic set:$525

Fullset (make-up not included): $890


*Default body*


B-B69-01 body in XXS bust with nipples rubbed off



*Including * 

Fullset: Lady Xiang (nude), Eyes LH-1025 (14mm with smaller iris), Wig WG3-1058, Outfit 69GC-0031, Additional hands HG-69-04, Certification head plate, Authentication plate, Birth certificate, Mask, Official box


*Optional Parts*

 Wig:  WG3-1058 (style wig): Sold with fullset

Outfit: 69GC-0031: $215

Shoes: Not for sale

Make-up A: $60


Lady Xiang