REIKI (open eyes)

Artist: Vings

1/3 Doll Head

Price: $150 USD

$20 standard shipping


Head Size(Circumfenrence): 20.5cm

Eye Size: 12/5mm, 12/6mm, 14/6mm (Eyeball/Iris)

Neck circumference:10.5cm

Compatible body type : SD13boy  SD17boy  SDGR  SD16girl & other bodies with similar size

Skin Color Type: Normal, White , Light-tan


The skin tones(Normal and white) are very similar to Volks skin tones.


Body suggestion: US Doll 70/Dollzone b60-005/IOS 60/Luts Senior 65/Loong Soul 73

*Ringdoll 68cm body and Ringdoll 72cm body is not fit.


Optional Face up:

Price: $60

Type: A,B,C


Production Period(Single Head):8 to 16 weeks ((due to the pandemic, lead time may add a couple of weeks)

Makeup Period: Another 4 to 8 weeks


Reiki (Open eyes) (Head Only) by Vings