One top quality Mohair wig 

Limited Quantities, first come first serve

*Wigs may differ slightly in color and brightness compared to pictures.

All wigs from Celine are made to order


Clean and Care: Please taking care of it gently. Mohair is a type of wool, you can wash it with cold water. Please avoid direct sunlight, avoid heavy pulling. Please remove it from your doll before you wash it. Do not use regular hair comb. 


For any items that are eligible for the payment plan:

The balance can be divided into 6-10 weeks depending on the finishing time for the item to be made. The total payment must be completed within 3 weeks after the customer receives the payment due notice.

*Please notice any failure to pay the remaining balance will result in forfeiture of all monies received. NO REFUNDS. 


Lead Time: 5-6 months. (due to the pandemic, lead time may add a couple of weeks)

Mohair Wig by Celine