Whole set inculdes:

  •  Human body (basic hands and foot)
  •  Human head (no faceup)
  •  Raptor head (no faceup)
  • Armors (basic white, ring and belt buckle are not included )
  • Horus claws
  • Unique coded certificates
  • Offical box


three pairs of special hands,three pairs of special foots,jar,eagle's head not open mouth
Other additional accessories for relevant setting services will be announced one after another, the purchase of relevant setting dolls can be purchased separately.
Such as weapon, weapon hand, knuckle hand, shoe instep.
Outfits and wig can not be added.

Faceup is not accepted for the time being, but he will have priority when story of seventh day accept commission.


Body and Skin Color:

Horus's body fits the Soom idealian series head, but the rest of the accessories are not versatile. 
White, normal, gray, and brown will use the Soom palette. Horus is available in white, normal, gray, dark brown, pearly-brown (limited edition).
Please understand that there may be color differences between different batches. Due to manual color mixing, the factory will try to minimize the difference, but the possibility of the exact same is extremely low.


Lead Time: 4-6 Months. (due to the pandemic, lead time may add a couple of weeks)


For any items that are eligible for the payment plan:

The balance can be divided into 4-6 Months depending on the finishing time for the item to be made. The total payment must be completed within 3 weeks after the customer receives the payment due notice.

All remaining balance are calculated with current exchange rates.

*Please notice any failure to pay the remaining balance will result in forfeiture of all monies received. NO REFUNDS. 


International shipping cost are not included. There will be 2 shipping options for our customer to choose from: Standard shipping and Express shipping. We will contact our customers about shipping options when Horus is ready for shipment. 


price list:

Basic setup of Horus
White & normal $1700
Gray $1800
Dark brown $1860
Pearly-brown (limited color) $1900

Add special hands/foots
White & normal $75
Gray $80
Dark brown $85
Pearly-brown (limited color) $90

Eagle's head not open mouth $250
Jar $50


Horus is a speical designed bjd. Please leave your valid email address. There will be a detailed instruction send to youre mail after purchase. 


Please make sure that you understand the properties of the dark resin, such as the color difference of the pouring position, can not be polished, and there may be slight marbling locally.
There may be color differences in hidden parts, which are normal phenomena and cannot be avoided. I will check each doll to make sure they are qualified.




Horus Ver.God of the sky

  • The body of data
    Height: 73cm (including head)
    Head circumference: 22 cm
    Neck circumference: 12 cm
    Shoulder breadth: 21 cm
    Bust: 36 cm
    Waistline: 25.5 cm
    Hip circumference: 34 cm
    Long legs: 38 cm
    Thigh circumference: 20.5cm
    Calf circumference: 14cm
    Big arm circumference: 12cm
    Forearm circumference: 9cm
    Foot length: 10.5 cm
    Foot width: 3.5 cm