Normal Style BJD Faceup 
Shipping fees are not including.
For questions about the commission please feel free to contact me with my
You can see my works at my ins:

Here are the rules:
1, no recasting and no copy from other bjd faceup artists
2, Freestyle Faceup style is $55(freestyle doesn’t have shading and texturing on the face, it just have the simple face blushing)
3, you can customized your faceup in these ways: color scheme, eyebrows shape, or you can tell me things you don’t want to be on the faceup 
4,sacrs or tattoos might cost additional fees
5, please put a note(your social network ID, your doll’s name, your address and your Etsy ID) with your package, please send the mask with your doll as well. Otherwise it will cost 1$ each one.
6, if you can remove the old faceup that will be great, i am not very like the smelling of the faceup remover, and it will cost $5 for faceup remove. I am using Brush Cleaner and Restorer to remove the faceup
7, eyelashes is $1/pair.
8, it might take 6-8 weeks to finish the woks. Realistic or special style might be a little bit longer(8-9weeks), I am using Etsy to complete the payment. 
Here are the tools I am using:
1, airbrush
2, Mr. Super Smooth Clear
3, Schmincke and Fabre-Castell Pastels
4, Fabre-Castell Water Color pencil

Faceup by Elina