Outfit includes: 

Black Bamboo: shirt, sleeveless coat, pants, belt, wristband(s)

Chasing Waves: shirt, sleeveless coat, pants, belt, wristband(s)

Bamboo hat can be purchased separate or as add-on.

Shoes and unmentioned accessories are not included.


*All outfits from Hua Shan are made to order.

*All outfits from Hua Shan are limited release.

*Small defects may occur in hand made products. 

*Dark fabric may discolor the doll's body over time. Please change the cloth periodically.  


Lead Time: 6-12 Weeks. (due to the pandemic, lead time may add a couple of weeks)


For any items that are eligible for the payment plan:

The balance can be divided into 6-12 weeks depending on the finishing time for the item to be made. The total payment must be completed within 3 weeks after the customer receives the payment due notice.

All remaining balance are calculated with current exchange rates.

*Please notice any failure to pay the remaining balance will result in forfeiture of all monies received. NO REFUNDS. 

Black Bamboo & Chasing Waves by Hua Shan