Akhal-teke horses (Unicorn)

M.M.J.Z - X - MO SHU



Length: 102cm (Not include tail)

Width: 24cm (widest part of the belly)

Height: 89cm

This horse can carry two adult male dolls.



Resin, matel



Basic: Horse, Harness

Deluxe (unicorn): Horse, Harness, Horn, wings (removable)






Dream Gold



Basic                                                        Deluxe (unicorn)

Black: $315.00                                         Black: $475.00

White: $315.00                                         White: $475.00

Brown: $315.00                                        Brown: $475.00

Dream Gold: $375.00                              Dream Gold: $525.00

(Limited quantities)                                 (Limited quantities)


Lead Time: 3-6 months. (due to the pandemic, lead time may add a couple of weeks)

* International shipping cost are NOT included.

The total volume weight for Akhal-teke horses is about 85kg 

The shipping company charge for the volume (size), not just weight. The actual weight is about 10kg or less.


1. The express shipping could cost around $1000.00

2. The standard shipping to North America will be around $450.00

3. The standard shipping to all European countries will be around $470.00 (Plus custom fees)

(30-40business days)


We understand the shipping is really high. We will update our customers if there is any cheaper option in the future.


Please let us know if you still want to keep the order or you want to cancel the order. 


We will issue a full refund for the customer who wants to cancel the order within 48 hours.


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