This page is only available for customers who ordered Chong Lin. (Please find your correct order number)

*The shipping has been deducted for the customers who paid portion of shipping at the begining.

* We will refund our customer for extra shipping from check out after the payment went through.


Chong Lin will start be ship out from the end of  Novemebr.


We recieved the notice from EMS the shipping rate are increased for following countries (Nov 15th, 2021): USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Cube, Argentina, Peru.

Example: (US):

Before:  first 500g is $35.00, for every 500g added is $20.00. 

After: first 500g is $58.00, for every 500g added is $35.00.

* Final rate may vary due to different countries and currancy exchange rate.

* The shipping company informed us the shipping rate may drop after Christmas, we are Encourage the customers in those countries above can wait after Christmas if you want to choose EMS.


We will use China Post Airmail as alternative for countries above. 

* The regular time for China Post Airmail is about 30 days. There will be delays due to COVID19. We are not responsible for any delay on all shipping options.

Please contact us if you are still willing to use EMS Air.


The sea mail option (standard shipping)for USA has been closed since there was a huge backlog. 

We will use SAL as alternative for US customers. The time frame will be as similar as the sea mail. 


* Not all shipping services are available for all countries.


We will declare the item as Toy, gift or resin art piece to help our customer avoid fees and the value will be $100. 

Please let us know if you want us declare under different item name or different value.


All shipping options come with tracking number. Only EMS has $100 coverage for lost item. No coverage for China Post Airmail, SAL and sea mail.


Place contact us if you prefer direct transfer with 5% off on the shipping. 



Shipping for Chong Lin