Number  DL320052 The default type of body   1/3 high heel legs and regular chest (2017)
The default type of hands Standard The default type of feet Standard
Doll’s skintone in the picture  Solid Milk The sales way Limited
Size of eyeballs  16mm Head circumference  21cm


weight of naked doll: 1300g        
height (include head): 59cm height (exclude head): 52cm neck cirumference: 8.2cm
shoulder: 10cm chest cirumference: 23cm waistline: 16.8cm
length of arm: 16.5cm upper arm's cirumference: 7cm wrist cirumference: 5cm
length of legs: 34cm thigh cirumference: 14.7cm shank cirumference: 10cm
width of feet: 2.5cm length of feet: 6.7cm    

1/3 Female doll Faon (Occidental dress version)