60 cm regular chest with flat foot legs (2020)
The default type of hands Standard The default type of feet  Standard
Doll’s skintone in the picture  Solid Milk The sales way   Limited
Size of eyeballs   16mm Head circumference  21.7cm



height (include head): 60cm height (exclude head): 53cm neck cirumference: 8.3cm
shoulder: 12.5cm chest cirumference: 25cm waistline: 18cm
hipline: 27cm        
length of arm: 19cm upper arm's cirumference: 8cm wrist cirumference: 5.2cm
length of legs: 35cm thigh cirumference: 115.2cm shank cirumference: 10.5cm
width of feet: 2.8cm length of feet: 6.8cm